Special Cakes

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Apple Computer Logo

Apple Cake with Cream Cheese/Whipped Cream Icing and Colored Sugar Decorations


Cello teacher Margaret Rowell’s 90th Birthday at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music

Dimensions: 24"x36". Carrot Sheet Cake and Cello body with Whipped Cream & Cream Cheese Filling, Lemon Buttercream Icing and Decorations. Neck was fashioned of cookie, wooden dowels and chocolate keys. Bridge was of Royal Icing, Strings were gold thread, Ebony was black cardboard, End-pin was a silver-painted wooden dowel. Paula Athey assisted in the creation.

Rocking Horse Birth Sampler

Whipped Cream Cake with Strawberry Cream Cheese/Whipped Cream Filling and Buttercream Icing and Decorations. Aida Cloth "Fabric" patterned with plastic canvas. Counted Cross-Stitches individually applied